Adam Crawley

Adam Crawley

Instructor of Dance


Room:AC 306

Additional Information:
Part Time contract faculty
Date of Hire: August 2008

Adam Crawley 
has played music all his life. From the harmonica tied to his walker to his own drawer of pots and pans in the kitchen to his current collection of instruments Adam uses any means at hand to create textures and atmospheres. He has worked with dancers as an accompanist, collaborator, composer, and improviser for the past 16 years. In addition to his work with the Department of Theatre and Dance at Ball State University, Adam plays for dance festivals including the Doug Varone and Dancers Workshops, American Dance Festival, and American College Dance Festival Association. Adam’s music is indicative of his love for every type of music and his desire to mix them all together to produce new feelings. His favorite composition teacher taught him to find a way outside of the box, yet keep the box intact.
Course Schedule
Course No. Section Times Days Location
Intro to Ballet 1 110 1 1600 - 1715 T R BG, room 213
Intro to Modern 1 120 1 1400 - 1515 T R BG, room 104
Intro to Modern 1 120 1 1400 - 1515 T R BG, room 125
Ballet 1 210 1 0915 - 1045 T R BG, room 213
Ballet 1 210 1 1015 - 1145 M BG, room 213