The Lyell L. Bussell Memorial Scholarship Graduate Fund provides financial support for research and scholarly activities for graduate students in Ball State University’s Teachers College.

Funds are available to students who are in approved graduate programs and in good standing with Teachers College and the Graduate School. Students may submit funding applications for travel and research.

Students can receive only one travel award and one research award per academic year.

Students should apply for all funding requests using the Lyle L. Bussell Fund Application. The Teachers College Research Committee will review applications on a rolling basis. Approved awards, per application, typically range between $300 and $500. Students who are selected to receive the award will be notified via email.

Award Descriptions

Travel for Presenting at a Professional Meeting

The Lyell L. Bussell Fund provides supplemental funding for expenses related to travel for presentations by graduate students attending recognized state, regional and national or international professional meetings.

Funds can help pay for mileage, airfare, lodging, registration fees and additional expenses that are not covered by other funding sources available to graduate students.

Applications must be submitted in advance of the intended travel dates, requiring an approved Travel Authorization number. Students will be asked to indicate other sources of financial support. 

The Lyell L. Bussell Fund provides supplemental funding to help cover the costs of graduate research not covered by other funding sources available to graduate students.

All types of research efforts related to graduate study may be considered, including dissertation and master's thesis research projects.

Application Process

Access the Lyell L. Bussell Fund application by following these steps:

  1. Log into your MyBSU account.
  2. Under “Additional Tools,” select “Tk20.”
  3. Click the "Applications" link located on the left side.
  4. Click the green "Create New Application" button.
  5. Select "Lyell Bussell Application" from the drop-down menu.
  6. Click the green "Next" button.
  7. Click "Submit" when finished. 

An application for travel must include:

  • signed statement of faculty support and recommendation
  • documentation verifying proof of acceptance of presentation/paper for the conference
  • one-page summary/abstract explaining the presentation

An application for research must include:

  • signed statement of faculty support and recommendation
  • summary of the proposed paper
  • proof of IRB approval


Reimbursement will occur upon submission of original receipts and required documentation.

Reimbursement Requirements

To receive reimbursement, submit the following:

  • documentation of the presentation after you have traveled
  • the lodging receipt itemized with a zero balance (If you share a room with someone and are splitting the cost of the room, please include the name of the other person on the receipt. Lodging allowance varies depending on location. Check with the department coordinator—per your notification email—or refer to the Ball State University Travel Policy for details.)
  • miscellaneous expenses such as toll charges and parking are acceptable with an
    original receipt
  • the date and time you left and returned to Muncie
  • the mailing address where you would like your check sent.

Mileage Reimbursement

Mileage reimbursement will be calculated according to the Ball State University Travel Policy. Gas receipts are not necessary, unless you have a rental car.