The Office of Teacher Education Services and Clinical Practice is the hub of activity for clinical field experiences in Teachers College. Our spokes reach to other colleges on campus through similar placements in other programs.

What We Do

Working with students at every level in dozens of programs, we provide the practical means by which they enter classrooms across Indiana, in Texas, and around the world through our partnerships with schools in our clinical practice network, the Department of Defense, and Global Gateway/Indiana University.

We also assist students seeking initial licensure in the state of Indiana and throughout their career in education.



Ball State University is conducting a pilot of edTPA. The performance-based portfolio assessment is developed by the Stanford Center for Assessment, Learning and Equity (SCALE) and is scored by Pearson. If adopted, edTPA would replace LAMP as the unit assessment required during student teaching. Learn more.


Becoming an effective teacher includes demonstrating professional dispositions, which include attitudes, habits of action, and commitments that foster student learning and assist in elevating the education profession, as well as in interacting with families, community members, and colleagues.

The Ball State Disposition Assessment System is a systematic, consistent approach to assessing and supporting teacher candidates’ disposition growth throughout their preparation. This system has two components: (1) a disposition rubric system, and (2) a disposition alert system, which provide opportunities for deliberate feedback and guidance regarding teacher candidates’ disposition development.

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