Are you interested in our major in social work? Then it’s time to apply. Before entering the social work program, you must be admitted as a Ball State undergraduate. Then, you will need to apply directly to the program in order to meet the requirements of the Council on Social Work Education.

This formal admissions process gives you an opportunity to:

  • think through your academic and professional goals and put these in writing
  • discuss your academic performance to date and your professional goals
  • review your strengths and aptitude for professional social work practice
  • refine your academic plan to ensure timely completion of degree requirements

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Required Courses

Formal admission occurs following the completion of the 100- and 200-level social work courses, including:

You must complete these courses before being granted permission to register for SOCWK 325.

How to Apply

The process consists of completing an application packet and interviewing with the Admissions Coordinator of the department. The formal admission application process and materials are reviewed in all SOCWK 250 classes.

Exclamation IconImportant

Timely completion of formal admission to the bachelor of social work (BSW) program is in your best interest in order to allow time to improve academic skills, acquire additional knowledge, and to raise grade point averages necessary for successful completion of the BSW degree. This is particularly true if you have a lower grade point average. It is important not to delay the formal admission process once you have completed the 200-level social work courses.