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The effectiveness of a gerontologist is highly influenced by the mix of both the academic and workplace settings. This program incorporates an internship as part of the core courses and will provide experience in one or more of the agencies, institutions, or programs providing gerontological services.

What You Will Learn

This minor provides a strong grounding in both the theory and practice of serving the elderly. Among other outcomes, you will learn:

  • theories of aging
  • multidimensional perspectives on changes in well-being and health
  • strategies for coping with change
  • how people age in communities

Program Requirements

The minor requires 18 hours of coursework: 12 hours from core gerontology courses and six hours of electives in subjects related to gerontology.


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Total Credits: 18


A few of the classes you will take include:

  • Aging Well
  • Aging in Communities
  • Internship in Gerontology
  • Health, Wellness, and Aging

For a complete list of all the courses you will take and their descriptions, please see our Course Catalog.

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