Dr. Stephanie Simon-Dack
Dr. Stephanie Simon-Dack
Vice Provost for Research and Professor of Psychological Science


Room:WQ 100D


2005-2009 Postdoctoral Research Fellow for the Center for Visual and Cognitive Neuroscience
North Dakota State University
Fargo, ND

2000-2005 Ph.D., M.A., Experimental Psychology
University of South Carolina
Columbia, SC

1996-2000 B.A., Psychology, concentration in cognitive psychology
English, concentration in writing
Goucher College
Baltimore, MD

Related Link: https://people.bsu.edu/slsimondack/


Research Interests

My research focuses on neural communication, intra-hemispheric transfer (IHT), sensory binding, and mechanisms of neural inhibition. I use QEEG and ERP methodologies, along with behavioral measures, to explore these topics in my large and active EEG lab of graduate and undergraduate research students. I work with graduate students in both our Clinical, and Cognitive & Social Processes MA programs. Some of my student theses have explored IHT and schizotypal personality traits, beta band frequency power associated with temporal processing, and the neural correlates of creativity. Currently, I am focusing on mechanisms of inhibition associated with IHT.


Simon-Dack, S.L., Kraus, B.*, Walter, Z.*, Smith, S.*, & Cadle, C.* (2018). Underlying
neural alpha frequency patterns associated with intra-hemispheric inhibition during
an intra-hemispheric transfer task. Biological Psychology, 136, 39-45.

Ward, R.*, Smith, S.*, Kraus, B. T.*, Allen, A.*, Moses, M.*, & Simon-Dack, S.
(2018). Alpha Band Frequency Differences Between Low and High Trait Anxious Individuals. NeuroReport, 29(2), 79-83.

Perrone-McGovern, K.M., Simon-Dack, S.L., Esche, A.M.*, Thomas, C.*, Beduna, K.N.*,
Rider, K.*, Spurling, A.*, Matsen, J.* (2017). The Influence of Emotional Intelligence
and Perfectionism on Error-Related Negativity: an event-related potential study.
Personality and Individual Differences.

Simon-Dack, S.L., Holtgraves, T., Hernandez, K.*, & Thomas, C.* (2015).
Differential hemispheric resting EEG activity in correlation with the Poffenberger Paradigm. Laterality: Asymetries of Body, Brain, and Cognition, 20: 618-628.

Hernandez, K.O.*, Woodall, K.*, Simon-Dack, S.L. (2015). Left
hemispheric contributions to temporal perception: A resting EEG study. Neuroreport, 26: 163-166.


My current obsessions include zombies, food competition shows, and puns.


Course Schedule
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Doctoral Dissertatio 799 SD1 0000 - 0000