Make the Most of Your Summer

Student Working Outside

Whatever you need to catch up, stay on track, or get ahead; make the most of your summer with more than 300 online summer courses available. Choose from core and major courses, plus enjoy other benefits including:

  • Instruction from the same professors who teach on campus
  • Cost savings with online courses 
  • Credits toward your degree (no transferring necessary)
  • 10- and five-week course options
  • A flex schedule (take courses while you intern, travel, work, or relax)

To learn more, speak with your advisor or contact us at               1-800-872-0369 or by email.

Guest Students

If you are a student enrolled at another university, you will want to review the admissions process for guest students. You will need to go through this process before you can register for courses.

Summer Schedule

Get more detailed information about courses via the university-wide schedule of classes. Ten-week online courses start May 14.

ACC 201 Principles of Accounting 1
ACC 202 Principles of Accounting 2
ACC 420 Selected Topics Acctg
ARCH 407 Fourth World Theory
BIO 100 Biology for a Modern Society
CCIM 280 Social Media
CHEM 100 People and Chemistry
CHEM 102 Chemistry Experience Hlth Prf
CIS 226 Business Systems App Dev
CJC 369 Paid Prof Exp in CJC
CJC 479 Prof Exp in CJC
COMM 370 Nonverbal Communication
CS 104 Introduction to Computers
CS 110 Intro Comp Sci and Web Prog
CS 203 Intro to Computer Security
CS 310 Web Programming
CS 320 Mobile Software Dev
CS 397 Multitier Web Architectures
DANC 100 Intro to Dance History
ECON 116 Survey of Economic Ideas
ECON 201 Elementary Microeconomics
ECON 202 Elementary Macroeconomics
ECON 221 Business Statistics
EDAC 299X Intro to Soc Just: Pop Music
EDEL 244 Independent Study
EDEL 244 Early and Elem Educ Soc Just
EDEL 260 EC Curriculum and Instruction
EDPS 254 Early Childhood
EDPS 270 Lifespan Development
EDPS 345 Tests and Measurement
EDPS 350 Child Psychology
EDPS 351 Adolescent Psychology
EDPS 355 Adult Psychology
EDRD 318 Lit for Young Children
EDRD 390 Early Emergent Literacy
EMHS 351 Intro Emergency Management
EMHS 352 Science WMDs Technol Hazards
ENG 103 Rhetoric and Writing
ENG 104 Composing Research
EXSC 292 Anatomy
EXSC 302 PA Throughout Lifespan
EXSC 360 Exercise Psychology
FCFA 230 Textiles for Apparel
FCFA 270 The Fashion Industry
FCFA 280 Merch Fundamentals and Math
FCFA 365 Fashion Forecasting
FCFC 202 Child and Family Wellness
FCFC 250 Family Relations
FCFC 310 Promot Prosocial Behav Child
FCFC 315 Infant Toddler Curr Envir
FCFC 425 Grant Writing Research Methods
FCFC 485 Family Policy
FCFC 492 Prof Practice Child Life
FCFN 147 Foodservice Sanitation
FCFN 210 Customer Service
FCFN 262 Facilities Plan Layout and Des
FCGI 369 General Internship
FCID 220 Sustainable Interiors
FCPM 104 Housing Decisions
FCPM 235 Intro to RPM
FCS 496 Design for Health Care
FIN 101 Pers Fin for Fiscal Wellness
FIN 110 Personal Finance
FIN 300 Principles of Finance
FIN 445 Financial Statement Analysis
GEOG 101 Earth Sea Sky: Geographic View
GEOG 150 Global Geography
GEOG 265 Intro Geographic Info Systems
GEOL 101 Planet Earth Geol Environment
HIST 150 The West in the World
HIST 201 American History, 1492-1876
HIST 202 US History, 1877 to Present
HIST 205 Intro Sport in American Life
HIST 301 The US and the Vietnam War
HIST 310 Intro History of US Business
HIST 360 Topics in Military History
HIST 407 US Civil War and Reconstruct
HONR 297 Inquiries in Earth Sciences
HONR 390 Honors Colloquium
HSC 160 Fundamentals of Human Health
HSC 180 Principles of Community Health
HSC 261 Health, Sex, and Family Life
HSC 367 Drug Dependency and Abuse
HSC 371 Death and Dying
HSC 372 Women and Health
HSC 381 Stress Management
ICOM 101 The Digital World
ICOM 210 Introduction to Social Media
ICOM 211 Digital Interactivity Design
ID 301 Intro Peace Std and Conf Res
ID 495 Tier 3 Exp for BGS Students
INTB 265 Intro to International Bus
ISOM 125 Micro Apps for Business
ISOM 210 Business Information Systems
ISOM 228 Adv Micro Apps for Business
ISOM 249 Foundations of Business Comm
ISOM 251 Introductory Operations Mgt
ISOM 300 Project Management
ISOM 351 Operations Management
JAPA 334 Japanese Culture and Civ
JAPA 338 Business Japanese
JOUR 101 Media and American Society
JOUR 103 Introduction to Visual Comm
JOUR 250 Introduction to Advertising
JOUR 261 Principles of Public Relations
JOUR 275 Media Law and Ethics
JOUR 299X Experiment Development Topics
JOUR 348 Emerging Media AD and P R
JOUR 355 Branding for AD and P R
JOUR 368 P R Design and Production
JOUR 382 Media Research Cons Behav
JOUR 385 Writing Design Strategic Comm
JOUR 405 P R Plan Mngment Case Reviews
MATH 108 Intermediate Algebra
MATH 111 Pre-Calculus Algebra
MATH 112 Pre-Calculus Trigononmetry
MATH 125 Mathematics Applications
MATH 132 Brief Calculus
MATH 181 Elementary Probability Stats
MGT 241 The Entrepreneurial Experience
MGT 300 Managing Behavior in Org
MKG 300 Principles of Marketing
MKG 310 Consumer Behavior
MKG 325 Professional Selling
MKG 420 Integrated Mkg Communications
MMP 301 Songwriting
MMP 494 Internship
MUHI 107 Rock and Roll in America
NEWS 105 Journ Storytelling: Intro
NEWS 132 Multimedia: Audio
NEWS 215 News Editing
NEWS 221 Storytelling: Covering Issues
NEWS 233 Multimedia: Reporting
NEWS 449 Legal and Ethical Issues
NREM 101 Environment and Society
NUR 314 Nursing Statistics
NUR 322 Research in Nursing
NUR 404 Community Health
NUR 405 Management and Leadership
PEP 231 Philosophy of Coaching
PEP 409 Psychological Social Issues
PFW 160 Physical Fitness and Wellness
PFW 161 Physical Fit Wellness Activity
PFW 162 Physical Fit Wellness Lecture
PHIL 100 Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 202 Ethics
PHYC 110 General Physics 1
PHYC 112 General Physics 2
POLS 238 Urb Gov in United States
POLS 342 Problems in Public Policy
POLS 371 Public Interest Groups and Gov
PSYS 100 Intro to Psychological Science
PSYS 241 Statistics
PSYS 316 Social Psychology
PSYS 317 Personality
PSYS 367 Introduction to Neuroscience
PSYS 385 Professl Ethics in Psychology
PSYS 471 Psych in the Legal System
RMI 270 Principles of Risk Mgt and Ins
RMI 330 Employee Benefits and Ret Plan
SOC 100 Principles of Sociology
SOC 227 Spirituality, Self, and Soc
SOC 235 Sociology of Gender
SOC 341 Sociology of Hlth and Illness
SOC 424 Family
SOC 431 Aging and the Life Course
SOC 433 Sociology of Mental Health
SOCW 100 Introduction to Social Work
SOCW 220 Social Welfare Policy 1
SOCW 250 Human Behav and Social Envr 1
SOCW 320 Soc Welf Pol and Progs 2
SOCW 325 Human Behav and Social Envr 2
SOCW 340 Research in Social Work 1
SOCW 440 Research in Social Work 2
SPCE 200 Exc Children Adults
SPCE 215 Assess Yng Chldrn Exc Nds
SPCE 280 Beh Analy Prin, Proc, and Phil
SPCE 290 Intro Autism Spectrum Disorder
SPCE 292 Treatment and Intervention ASD
SPCE 307 Ethical, Prof Prac Beh Analy
SPCE 310 Application Consultation ABA
SPCE 311 Dev Meth Infs and Todds Exc
SPCE 312 Dev Meth PS Chldrn with Exc
SPCE 315 Advanced Behavior Analysis
SPCE 316 Single Subj Res Design and App
SPCE 320 Advanced Interventions for ASD
SPTA 300 Sport Law
SPTA 345 Sport Communication
SPTA 470 Interv and Treat Persons Aut
TCMP 300 Sustainability in Info Tech
THEA 100 Intro to Theatre
THEA 207 Design Awareness for Non-Major
WGS 210 Intro Womens and Gender Stud
WGS 220 International Womens Issues
WPP 393 Writing Proficiency Course
WWIN 201 Improving Worker Wellbeing

Get more detailed information about courses via the university-wide schedule of classes. Five-week online courses start May 14 or June 18.

AHS 100 Introduction to Art
ANTH 101 Intro to Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 103 Archaeology and Culture
ANTH 105 Introduction Biological Anth
ANTH 231 Intro Native American Studies
BIO 220 Ecological Issues 21st Century
CCIM 210 Professional Development
CJC 101 Intro to Criminal Justice
CJC 102 Introduction to Criminology
CJC 211 Race, Gender, and Crime
CJC 220 Research Methods in CJC
CJC 229 Decision Making and Ethics
CJC 230 Introduction to Policing
CJC 240 Introduction to Corrections
CJC 250 Introduction to Courts
CJC 251 Criminal Law
CJC 301 Evaluation Research in CJC
CJC 309 Juvenile Justice Delinquency
CJC 332 Victimology
CJC 333 Policing in Free and Diverse Society
CJC 340 Institutional Corrections
CJC 341 Community Corrections
CJC 350 Criminal Evidence
CJC 397 Constitutional Issues in CJC
CJC 399 Special Populations in CJC
CJC 410 Current Topics in Criminology
CJC 410 CJ System in Film and Pop Cult
CJC 410 Violence Against Women
CJC 495 Capstone in CJC
COMM 210 Fundamentals of Public Comm
COMM 240 Introduction to Human Comm
COMM 251 Bus and Prof Comm
COMM 320 Persuasion
COMM 322 Comm and Popular Culture
COMM 325 Interviewing
COMM 330 Small Group Decision Making
COMM 340 Leadership Communication
COMM 351 Organizational Communication
COMM 360 Communication Theory
DANC 100 Intro to Dance History
EDMU 206 Adv Ethnic Multicul Grp Beh
EDPS 270 Lifespan Development
EDSE 150 Basic Concepts of Secondary Ed
EDSE 320 Read Div Sec Cont Class
ENG 306 Creative Nonfiction Writing
EXSC 294 Anatomical Kinesiology
EXSC 301 Fund of Exercise Prescription
FCED 150 Basic Concept Second Ed in FCS
FCFC 250 Family Relations
FCS 135 Financial Literacy
GEOL 204 Landscape Expertise
GEOL 206 Oceans and Nations
HIST 491 The Arab-Israeli Conflict
HONR 189 Inquiries in Global Studies
HONR 199 Contemp American Civilization
HONR 298
HONR 390 Honors Colloquium
HONR 390
HSC 160 Fundamentals of Human Health
HSC 180 Principles of Community Health
HSC 261 Health, Sex, and Family Life
ISOM 112 Document Processing
JAPA 250 Japanese Anime
MATH 108 Intermediate Algebra
MATH 111 Pre-Calculus Algebra
MATH 125 Mathematics Applications
MGT 491 Bus Policy and Strategy Mgt
MMP 100 Survey of the Music Industry
MMP 201 Pro Tools 101
MMP 202 Pro Tools 110
MMP 280 Music Products and Industy
MUHI 139 Perspectives of Jazz
MUSE 265 Music Basics for the Classroom
NEWS 133 Multimedia: Video
NUR 101 Termin Hlth Care Prof and Cons
NUR 103 Health Behav: Cult Variations
NUTR 240 Nutrition for Educators
NUTR 275 Personal Nutrition
NUTR 340 Prin of Human Nutrition
NUTR 345 Macronutrients
NUTR 444 Sports Nutrition and Wght Ctrl
POLS 130 American National Government
POLS 237 State and Local Politics
POLS 350 Public Administration
POLS 375 Media and Politics
POLS 403 Amer. Politics and Government in Film
PSYS 295 Career Planning in Psych
PSYS 321 Developmental Psychology
RELS 160 Intro to Religion in Culture
SCCO 601
SOC 100 Principles of Sociology
SOC 242 Social Problems
SOC 343 Deviance
SP 101 Beginning Spanish 1
SP 102 Beginning Spanish 2
SPCE 302 Tch Studs and Dis in Gen Ed
SPTA 303 Sport Marketing
SPTA 305 Sport Finance
TGRA 184 Comp Applications-Graphic Arts
THEA 100 Intro to Theatre
THEA 317 Pre-Modern Theatre History
THEA 319 Modern Theatre History
THEA 326 Stage Lighting Technology
THEA 435 Shakespeare Performance
WGS 210 Intro Womens and Gender Stud
WPP 393 Writing Proficiency Course
WPP 394 Writing Proficiency Seminar


Register for your summer online courses at We encourage you to register early for the courses you want.