Faculty in our Graduate Certificate in Sustainability program care about their students’ education and engage with them as partners from day one. Meet your professors below.

Reza Ahmadi

SUST 525 Interior Material Finishes and Sustainability

Stephanie Bunt

SUST 528 Waste and Human Health

Jane Ellery

SUST 521 Human Health and Well-Being

Josh Gruver

SUST 515 Food Systems

Bangshuai Han

SUST 514 Water Resources

John Motloch

SUST 520 Environmental Ethics
SUST 524 Social/Environmental Justice
SUST 529 Business Ethics/Environment
SUST 536 Ecological Economics

Michelle O'Malley

SUST 535 Internal Communications
SUST 537 Media Relations

Daniel Overbey

SUST 513 Material Resources and Waste
SUST 516 Energy Resources

More Professors

Maoyong Fan, Professor of Economics

Bruce Frankel, Professor of Urban Planning

Jessi Haeft, Assistant Professor of Natural Resources and Environmental Management

Nathan Hitchens, Assistant Professor of Geography

Annette Rose, Associate Professor of Educational Studies