Connect with faculty, students, alumni, and friends during this annual professional development and networking session held each spring at Ball State. 

The Miller College of Business Alumni Society organizes the two-day event, which invites industry leaders to share best practices and lessons learned from a range of in-demand, relevant fields.

Dialogue Days 2019 is Wednesday, February 20th and Thursday, February 21st

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schedule/room adjustments prior to the event.

What to Expect

More than 75 alumni from across the nation return to campus to share their experiences leading a range of industries, including manufacturing, financial services, and telecommunications. Networking and social opportunities complement professional development sessions and workshops.

The days are split into hour-long sessions and panels about a variety of topics from career and professional development to industry-specific discussions, such as:

  • Why inside sales?
  • Networking and relationship development
  • Servant leadership
  • Value creation in middle market enterprise
  • So you want to be an entrepreneur?
  • Speed networking practices
  • Financial planning
  • Trends and issues in business computing technologies

Want to Participate?

Alumni interested in participating in future Dialogue Days should contact Tammy Estep, director of external relations at Miller College, at 765-285-8311. We look forward to hearing from you.