Explore the exciting, fast-paced world of business leadership and entrepreneurship through one of Ball State’s programs in the Department of Management. Learn from our team of expert faculty in a supportive community that’s driven to give you the expertise, confidence, and connections needed to build a successful career.

Two business students giving a PowerPoint presentation.

Business Administration Major

Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science

Our bachelor’s degree in business administration offers a broad perspective on business, a welcoming academic community, and real world-ready preparation for your career. Learn more.

Student concentrates at a computer workstation

Human Resources Management Major

Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science

A bachelor’s degree in human resources management will equip you to lead employees and co-workers toward common production and quality goals in almost any business, government agency, or civic enterprise. Learn more.

A student preparing a group of desserts.

Hospitality and Food Management Major

Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science

Ball State’s hospitality and food management program is a fun and fast-paced roadmap to upper-level management positions in the hospitality industry. Learn more.

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Residential Property Management Major

Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science

Looking for career opportunities nationwide and to make yourself attractive to employers before you even graduate? Our bachelor’s degree in residential property management could put you on the path to managing multimillion-dollar apartment communities and other residential properties across the U.S. Learn more.

Class of 2017 with Dean Bott

Entrepreneurial Management Major

Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science

High stakes. Real-world, hands-on curriculum. Real risk of failure. If you have an entrepreneurial mind and are willing to put everything on the line—including your graduation—Ball State’s entrepreneurial management major is right for you. Learn more.

Minor in Foundations of Management

Want to learn basic business management skills you can apply in almost any industry? Ball State’s foundations of management minor is perfect for non-business majors who want a real-world knowledge of business management. Learn more.

Minor in Organizational Communication

If you’ve got your sights set on a high-powered corporate career, Ball State’s minor in organizational communication will equip you with the communication skills and strategies needed to climb the ladder. Learn more.

Minor in Entrepreneurial Management

Designed for business and non-business majors alike, our minor in entrepreneurial management prepares you with best practices, provides networking with professional entrepreneurs, and guides you on how to participate in the entrepreneurship ecosystem. Learn more.

Minor in Foundations of Business for Non-Business Majors

Ball State’s minor in foundations of business will give you a glimpse into the business world and help you apply the basics of business in a variety of career settings. Learn more.

Minor in Food Management

If you’re interested in opening or managing a restaurant, running a catering business, or succeeding in any food-centric career, round out your studies with a minor in food management. Learn more.

Minor in Hospitality Management

If you’re dreaming of working in any facet of the hospitality industry, a hospitality management minor is right up your alley. Our program will provide you with an overview of careers in the hospitality industry, including lodging, event, meeting, and convention management. Learn more.

Minor in Residential Property Management

Add a minor in Residential Property Management (RPM) to any major to create greater focus and specialization. Our coursework in housing, maintenance, marketing and leasing, customer service, and more will give you the knowledge foundation you need to work in the apartment industry. Learn more.

A group of MBA students sitting at a table.

Master of Business Administration (MBA)


Our nationally ranked program combines quality teaching through personal attention with practical and rigorous experiences. Our 30- or 33-credit degree—offered either on campus or online—focuses on building your strategy, ethics, and leadership knowledge and skills. Learn more.

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Master’s Degree in Residential Property Management

Master of Arts or Master of Science

Offered as both a Master of Arts or Master of Science option, Ball State’s master’s degree in residential property management (RPM) will deepen your knowledge of property management while also putting you on the fast track to advanced positions in the industry. Learn more.

Undergraduate Certificate in Apartment Management

One of the only all-online apartment management credentials in the U.S., Ball State’s certificate in apartment management will put you on the path to a lucrative, in-demand career in one of the fastest-growing industries in the nation. Learn more.