Health and Physical Activity Building

Completed in 1990, the Health and Physical Activity Building houses offices and classrooms affiliated with three Ball State programs:


Also located in the building are five laboratories.

Athletic Training Lab

Athletic Training Laboratory

The Athletic Training Education and Research Laboratory is used by students in athletic training courses to provide an athletic training room environment for instruction without requiring the use of a facility in use by the athletes. Various research projects are also conducted in the room. Learn more. 

Biomechanics Lab

Biomechanics Laboratory

The biomechanics lab is packed with advanced biomechanics tools to study various aspects of mechanical and neuromuscular aspects of human movement. Learn more.

Exercise Science Lab

Exercise Science Laboratory

The Undergraduate Exercise Science Laboratory is a 1,600 square foot facility dedicated to enhancing the preparation of students in the exercise science curriculum. Learn more.

Human Performance Lab

Human Performance Laboratory

The Human Performance Laboratory is a 20,000 sq. ft. facility including a research data processing room, electronics and instrument fabrication workshop, sterile preparation room, tissue processing and cryostorage rooms. Learn more.

Integrated Exercise Lab

Integrative Exercise Science Laboratory

The Integrative Exercise Physiology laboratory is equipped to assess numerous physiological, biochemical, psychological, and metabolic responses to exercise and adaptations to regular exercise training. Learn more.

Neighboring Facilities

The building is part of a larger athletics complex that includes: