Business woman reviewing a report

Business Analytics Major

Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science

Our program in business analytics will help you attack data by creating new insights for companies by gathering large data sets through statistical methods. Your program will prepare you to jump into the world of business with a solid grounding in theory and thorough experience in practical application. Learn more.

Business student listening

Computer Information Systems Major

Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science

With a degree in computer information systems, you’ll be positioned to be an invaluable contributor by helping companies understand and harness technology to stay competitive in the marketplace. Learn more.

Student uses a computer at Bracken Library

Computer Technology Major

Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science

This bachelor’s degree helps you build a strong foundation in the concepts, theories, and practices of information technology, including the design, implementation, and administration of secured systems and networks. Learn more.

Students assemble product in an immersive learning class

Logistics and Supply Chain Management Major

Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science

This program includes hands-on learning in detailed logistics functions, supply-chain decision making, modern techniques of production in organizations, and customer relationship management—all under the direction of our outstanding faculty. Learn more.

Minor in Business Information Technology

Our minor in business information technology is ideal for business majors who want to add a tech edge to their course of study. Even for non-business majors, a minor in business information technology will give you a strong foundation in computer skills for your future career or graduate studies. Learn more.

Minor in Computer Information Systems

In today’s tech-saturated global marketplace, businesses can’t survive without a strong team of computer information systems experts. With a minor in computer information systems from Ball State, you’ll learn about planning, developing, and managing computer technologies that support business operations, logistics and supply chain management, and business analytics. Learn more.

Minor in Computer Technology

Ball State’s minor in computer technology will provide a basic understanding of computer installation, networking, maintenance, and service/repair. Learn more.

Minor Six Sigma

With a minor or certificate in Six Sigma, you’ll help companies save millions by improving their production cycles and reducing product defects. Learn more.

Enroll in one of our 100 percent online graduate programs, and you will have maximum flexibility with multiple track options depending on your professional goals. These graduate programs are HLC (NCA) accredited and taught by professors who are leaders in their fields.

Master's Degree in Business Education

Master of Arts or Master of Arts in Education

Consider our master's degree in business education if you are a business or marketing educator at the middle school, high school, and post-secondary levels who is seeking an advanced credential or further professional opportunities. Learn more.

Master's Degree in Career and Technical Education

Master of Arts

Our master of arts in career and technical education (CTE) is 100 percent online. This degree program is a good choice for those with a bachelor's degree who are interested in career and technical education (formerly known as vocational education). There are multiple degree options to meet your career goals, including the following track options: community college faculty and industrial trainers, administrative, technology leadership, CTE teacher, curriculum, computer technology, research, and customizable. Learn more.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management Concentration

Master of Business Administration

Choosing this concentration for your master of business administration will give you polished skill sets in supply chain management, quality management, and project management—professional competencies critical to all industries. Learn more.

Director of Career and Technical Education License

If you seek a director of career and technical education license, which is required for administering career programs and facilities, let Ball State help you. This program addresses the license requirements for Indiana Rules for Educator Preparation and Accountability (REPA). If you live in another, you will want to check with your state's educational licensing office to see if this will meet your state's requirements. Learn more.

CTE: Business Services and Technology License Addition

Our career and technical business certification gives business teachers the expertise to help their students understand today’s business world. Learn more.

CTE: Marketing License Addition

Gain the expertise you need to give your students a more in-depth understanding of the role marketing plays in our world with our career and technical education with marketing license addition. Learn more.