Sviatoslav Dmitriev

Sviatoslav Dmitriev

Associate Professor of History


Room:BB 209

I joined the Department of History in August 2004 to teach courses in ancient Greek, Roman, and Byzantine history, as well as general surveys in the history of the world and European civilization. My three books — City Government in Hellenistic and Roman Asia Minor (Oxford University Press 2005), The Greek Slogan of Freedom and Early Roman Politics in Greece (Oxford University Press 2011), and The Birth of the Athenian Community: from Solon to Cleisthenes (Routledge 2017)—examine many diverse aspects of life in ancient Greece and Rome, from political administration to family relations. My current book project, provisionally titled The orator Demades: Rhetorical imagining of classical Greece, delineates the ways in which teachers and students of rhetoric during the Roman imperial and Byzantine periods reworked material on classical Greece for moralistic and educational purposes with little regard for historical accuracy, creating a distorted vision that still dominates modern academic and popular views of the classical past. I have also authored several articles in professional journals and collective publications on ancient Greek, Roman, and Byzantine history, and presented at a number of conferences. In addition to teaching, research, and committee responsibilities, my duties include serving as the Director of the Ancient Studies program.

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Course Schedule
Course No. Section Times Days Location
World Civilization 1 151 1 1000 - 1050 M W F TC, room 120
Byzantine Civilizati 464 1 1200 - 1250 M W F TC, room 120
Byzantine Civilizati 564 1 1200 - 1250 M W F TC, room 120