Promotion and Tenure (PDF)

The College of Health values a teacher-scholar model that strives for excellence in the areas of
teaching, scholarship, and professional service. The goal of the promotion and tenure process is
to support the advancement of teacher-scholars who will contribute to the university and their
discipline, including interprofessional education and practice.

This document describes the procedural requirements and policies for P&T in the College of
Health. All parties involved are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the rights,
responsibilities and procedures that are outlined in the university, college, and department P&T
documents. In cases where questions arise, the university document takes precedence over the
college document and the college over the department.

Multimedia Resources

The College of Health Multimedia Specialist serves as a resource for academic departments and College of Health affiliates on marketing, publicity, design, and printing. The media specialist serves as a liaison to University Marketing to ensure all projects adhere to the Ball State graphic standards. If you have a printed piece, they will assist in creating job specifications for a cost-effective project, whether printed through Printing Services or in-house. Additionally the media specialist maintains the College’s Poster Printer.