Our mission is to foster a partnership between Ball State and your high school. We provide a convenient and unique way for your students to experience college while still in the supportive high school environment you provide. Qualified teachers from your school, certified by Ball State’s academic departments, will teach these courses.

Many of the schools that participate in our program have a number of students who later attend Ball State. However, our credits transfer to many other Indiana and out-of-state schools.

Our dual credit program has national accreditation from the National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (NACEP).

Benefits for Your School

As an administrator, teacher, or guidance counselor, you will find our dual credit program offers your school many benefits.

  • challenges your college-bound students with additional course options that may not be available at your school
  • exposes them to the rigors of a college curriculum
  • provides a professional growth opportunity by allowing teachers to become an adjunct faculty member for Ball State
  • allows teachers to develop working relationships with Ball State professors in their content fields
  • elevates secondary school curriculum
  • provides participating teachers and their high school students with access to Ball State resources like the library and labs that are normally only given to college students
  • improves the percentage of students who pursue and complete a college degree
  • helps fill unexpected staff vacancies
  • allows the flexibility to enroll anywhere from one student to many students from your high school
  • provide a cost-effective way for you to resolve scheduling conflicts or fill gaps in your curriculum
  • helps you fulfill Indiana requirements for each high school to provide at least two dual credit course options

How to Involve Your School

Onsite Courses

High school instructors who would like to instruct our courses must have a master’s degree in the content area or a master’s degree with at least 18 credits within the specific content area.

If you would like to see on-site courses offered at your high school as part of the dual credit program, take the following steps.

1. Submit an application form.

Download our application form, complete it, and submit it to us.

Download Application Form (PDF)

2. Submit information about your teachers.

High school teachers who wish to teach the dual credit courses need to provide the following materials to determine whether they can qualify as Ball State adjunct professors:

  • Curriculum vitae/resume for review and approval by the specific Ball State academic department applicable to the course
  • Copies of college transcripts from all institutions attended
  • A current syllabus for the course to be taught, including:
    • the textbook being used
    • topics covered in each chapter unit
    • required assignments
    • laboratory experience (if applicable)
    • evaluation criteria
    • (additional information might be required after initial review)

If you wish to teach English courses, you must also provide:

  • a philosophy of teaching statement and three letters of reference
  • proof of at least one English graduate course in teaching of composition successfully completed within the last 10 years. Teachers may take a Ball State course concurrently with teaching their first semester if necessary. We will consider classes from other institutions as long as you provide a syllabus and transcript for prior approval.

Each Ball State academic department determines the requirements for instructors teaching their courses and grants or denies approval. Contact us if you have questions.

For foreign language teachers applying to teach dual credit, see the Modern Language and Classics Dual Credit Policy (PDF).

Online courses are open to any high school students who are interested and meet the requirements.

To have students register for classes, please contact us by email, and we will walk you through the process or visit the schools to help with registration. Only Ball State faculty members teach our online dual credit courses. High school teachers do not teach these courses.

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