Counseling must address cultural diversity and the inequities that have existed as a result of ethnocentrism, especially racism.

Social and personal diversity of faculty and students is an essential goal for graduates to function optimally in our pluralistic society.

The Department of Counseling Psychology, Social Psychology, and Counseling is committed to the training and professional representation of students from diverse cultural and ethnic communities.

As a reflection of this commitment, the department has established a Diversity Committee that consists of interested faculty and graduate students. The committee meets regularly to review issues relevant to providing a multicultural perspective in the training of all students.

Ball State's Counseling Psychology program has an outstanding reputation across the country, especially within counseling services in colleges and universities. Not only does my experience in the program confirm this, but we are well known for being thoroughly trained, well-rounded, and excellently prepared for a full professional position immediately post-graduation. Diversity is thoroughly integrated into all aspects of the training experience, which has set me (and other graduates from BSU) well ahead of the curve for social justice roles and multicultural expertise.

—Kodee Walls (MA, 2012, PhD, 2016)

Our Student Population

We are proud to support a diverse student population, including gay, lesbian, and gender nonbinary students, persons with physical disabilities, and a variety of ethnic and international students from countries including Canada, China, Korea, India, and the United Kingdom.

Campus Resources

The Multicultural Center and Rinker Center for Global Affairs, among other organizations, can help mentor students and meet their educational and social needs. These offices sponsor culturally enriching events.

Students will find that Ball State offers many organizations that will meet their professional, educational, and social needs, including a variety of campus-wide multicultural student organizations.

Learn about campus-wide organizations.

Diversity Courses

In addition to offering a multicultural perspective in all courses, specialized courses provide focused study. These courses give students the opportunity to explore issues of personal and professional interest: