Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society (SAACS) is open to all students. The group meets monthly to do service for the community and Ball State.

SAACS members promote interest in chemistry, address issues facing chemistry students, and promote an awareness of the responsibilities and challenges of today's chemists.

SAACS hosts Science Day annually, and the event provides multiple exciting and hands on science demonstrations for local elementary students. This volunteer-driven event provides an opportunity to build a strong positive relationship with the local community while encouraging kids to discover and pursue STEM fields.

When the members are not doing a service project, they are winning awards, traveling to the American Chemical Society’s national meeting or helping find connections between students and faculty to carry out chemistry research.

Ball State Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society won an Illuminary Award for Science Day at the 246th American Chemical Society National Meeting and Exposition, Indianapolis, IN. September 9, 2013. The student club has annually been awarded as a commendable chapter by the ACS.

Recently, the group won two honorable mention awards as well as the Outstanding Organization Public Service award from Student Voluntary Services.

If you want to make new friends and learn more about chemistry from other professionals, we encourage you to join.