One of our goals is to make the community more aware of chemistry. We want to get rid of the stereotypes that chemistry is hard or boring, and show that chemistry can be fun and exciting.

Science Day

young student at a science fair, with their poster

Science Day is one opportunity our students get to show how fun chemistry really is.

Each April, The Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society hosts the Muncie community at this annual science outreach event. This event features science activities that range from elephants toothpaste to physics demonstrations of momentum to dry ice/liquid nitrogen demos to super absorbent polymers.

There are typically over 20 activities for grade school children and their families from a variety of student groups on campus.

Our students have been college mentors for elementary students to help them learn more about science. This organization pairs college students with disadvantaged children from the Muncie area, which resulted in four after school programs.

Elementary school students have come to our department to learn about some wonders of science. In addition to watching videos, they see how fun and exciting science could be by making film-canister rockets, slime, and Shrinky Dinks.

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