In the graphic arts management major, you will gain a broad technical knowledge of graphic arts and hands-on experience with modern printing processes and equipment. Your degree will prepare you with the technical and managerial skills you need for a professional career in the dynamic and diverse graphic arts and printing industry.

You will learn about all aspects of printing and have opportunities to use some of the same printing equipment used in the industry. Your classes will cover topics like:

  • commercial printing and publishing
  • printing materials and equipment
  • computer applications for creative and managerial functions
  • quality control and production control systems
  • prepress, estimating, and printing management

You'll also complete a required minor in business administration to gain the supervision and management skills you'll need to advance to senior-level positions.

About the Program

Mission Statement:

The mission of the graphic arts management major at Ball State University is to prepare individuals for technical and management oriented careers in the dynamic field of graphic communications.

Program Goals:

The goal of our program is to prepare professionals who:

  1. Possess entry level technical knowledge of materials, processes, and applications in graphic communications.
  2. Apply theories, concepts, and principles found in mathematics, science, humanities, and the social/behavioral sciences to problems (or solve problems) in graphic communication and management.
  3. Understand and effectively apply computer applications and information systems to technical processes and managerial applications in the industry.
  4. Have the team building, communication skills, and managerial abilities to successfully manage graphic communication projects.
  5. Seek continued professional growth and are able to assume leadership roles within the profession.


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