Noelle Giuffrida

Noelle Giuffrida

Assistant Professor of Art History and Assistant Curator of Asian Art


Room:AJ 214

Noelle Giuffrida earned her PhD from the University of Kansas and her MA from the University of Wisconsin. She was previously a research associate and affiliate faculty member at the Center for East Asian Studies at the University of Kansas. She also held positions at Vassar College, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and the Cleveland Museum of Art’s joint art history program. Her research focuses on Chinese art, particularly the history of collecting and exhibiting premodern works in American museums after World War II and the visual culture of Daoism in late imperial China. Her teaching and curatorial experience extend broadly both temporally—from Neolithic to contemporary—and cross-culturally to China, Korea, and Japan, as well as to South and Southeast Asia.

Her first book Separating Sheep from Goats: Sherman E. Lee’s Collecting of Chinese Art in Postwar America (University of California Press, 2018) uses American curator and museum director Sherman E. Lee (1918–2008) as a lens through which to investigate the history of collecting and exhibiting Chinese art. Her study excavates the activities of an international society of collectors, dealers, curators, and scholars. Moreover, the book evaluates transnational efforts to collect and present Chinese art by multiple institutions, while also scrutinizing scholarly and museological discourses of the time. Giuffrida’s scholarship contributes to the historiography of both Chinese art and American museums. Giuffrida’s Daoist research has resulted in published book chapters and contributions to exhibition catalogues, including: “Ming Imperial Patronage of the Wudang Mountains and the Daoist God Zhenwu” (2015) and “Transcendence, Thunder, and Exorcism: Images of the Daoist Patriarch Zhang Daoling in Paintings and Prints” (2013). Her second book project is Visualizing Perfection: Representing the Daoist God Zhenwu in Late Imperial China.

Giuffrida teaches courses on Asian art and also serves as assistant curator of Asian art at the David Owsley Museum of Art (DOMA).

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Course Schedule
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Arts of Japan 292 1 1230 - 1345 T R AJ, room 213B
Buddhist Art of Asia 293 1 1530 - 1645 T R AJ, room 213B