Man in a blue shirt sitting at a desk while viewing sheets of paper.

Our economy relies on financial information, and accountants are the providers of this critical data. They often prepare financial statements, verify their accuracy, and assist businesses in making sound decisions using financial information. Our exceptional accounting program through the Miller School of Business at Ball State offers you the skills necessary to understand the numbers and succeed in the profession.


Accounting Major

Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science

Our undergraduate accounting major prepares you for a successful career in accounting. It blends broad-based course work, immersive and experiential learning opportunities, and easy pathways to move up to graduate-level work. Learn more.

Accounting Major (Online)

Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science

Ball State University's online Bachelor's in Accounting equips you with the skills to analyze financial data, prepare financial statements, and more. It provides the same quality education as the on-campus program, with course work designed for working adults. Learn more.

Minor in Accounting

The Minor in Accounting extends the accounting knowledge of Miller College of Business majors beyond the introductory courses. Open only to Miller College of Business majors which require completion of the Business Core curriculum. Learn more.

Minor in Financial Information

The Minor in Financial Information provides broad exposure to business finances for non-business majors. Students who plan to begin a full-time or side business will get the information they need to understand and analyze the costing, payroll, tax, and other aspects of their activity. Learn more.

Master's Degree in Accounting

Master of Science

No matter your goals, a master’s degree in accounting from the Miller College of Business will give you a solid foundation for achieving them and help you put your career into overdrive. Our master's degree is a 30-credit program that offers additional, in-depth professional and leadership preparation, as well as providing the additional credit hours you will need for the CPA exam. Learn more.

Accreditation of Accounting Programs Renewed

Ball State University maintains separate accreditation of the Paul W. Parkison Department of Accounting from the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of business (AACSB), in addition to accreditation of the Miller College of Business. AACSB reaffirmed the accreditation of accounting programs in 2020.