Class of 2022The Class of 2022 is ready to present at E-Day in April.

At the end of your last semester as an Entrepreneurship & Innovation major, you will attempt to conquer E-Day—one of the most intense experiences of any undergraduate program in the nation. E-Day, short for "Evaluation Day," is the final presentation of the business plan you create during ENT 449, the New Venture Creation course, which you take your senior year.

The Class

Nationally recognized as the ultimate entrepreneurial experience, our New Venture Creation course gives you the chance to feel the entrepreneurial pressure. Entrepreneurs in the real world put everything on the line to be successful, so you do the same with the grade for your capstone project.


Your student team will present your business plan to a panel of external judges, including alumni and executives. You must convince these bankers, lawyers, entrepreneurs, accountants, real estate moguls, and CEOs that you are an expert and your plan is a viable model. 

Join a Distinguished Community of Alumni

E-Day sets our program apart. This day comes with its challenges and stressors, but to be provided with real world experience with real entrepreneurs, you must be tenacious. When you succeed and you hear the words "Congratulations, you've passed," you feel a sense of pride and accomplishment as you join our world-class alumni. You will have achieved something that only a few hundred graduates have been able to do. Are you ready to join the ranks of distinguished alumni?

The Celebration

All of our esteemed alumni are invited to join in our annual E-Day Reception. Enjoy refreshments while meeting the most recent class of graduates and hearing from the Outstanding New Venture Plan award winners.

Explore Our Programs

E-Day is one of the many experiences that show why our degree in entrepreneurship routinely ranks as one of the best of its kind in the U.S. We also offer a minor that complements nearly any major on campus, as well as a concentration in our MBA program—also nationally ranked.