Hunter Beale defends  his plan on Eday

Hunter Beale, Class of 2022, defends his business plan on E-Day.

Our entrepreneurship program engages directly with the startup community, focuses on real-world business problems, experiential learning, and getting out of the building. Some of our student experiences include E-Day, The Entrepreneurial Experience Lecture Series, Mentor Day, Learning Journeys, and our Collegiate Entrepreneurs' Organization (CEO).

The Entrepreneurial Experience

Join us during fall and spring semesters for these free, open to the public guest lectures. We bring in provocative  entrepreneurs from all walks of life that are changing the world - economically and socially. Each lecture includes a presentation on the entrepreneur's story, lessons learned, and advice. See this semester's lineup.

Pre-Seed Fund

Launched in January 2019, any enrolled Ball State University student can apply for a pre-seed grant of up to $2,500 issued as a scholarship to reimburse approved expenses. This fund is for the express purposes of advancing venture development milestones such as securing intellectual property, prototype development, product validation, or competing in external venture competitions to raise awareness or additional funds for their venture. Learn more here.

E-Day (Evaluation Day)

The center’s signature learning experience culminates in E-Day, short for Evaluation Day, when senior entrepreneurship majors present their business plan to a panel of alumni entrepreneurs and business executives. Just as real-world entrepreneurs put everything on the line, so do our students—the expert panel ultimately decides if you have successfully defended your business plan or not. Learn more.

Learning Journeys

The most successful entrepreneurs know that success occurs when you get out of the building. Our Learning Journeys are designed to help you explore the state-wide entrepreneurial ecosystem, understand your options after college, and grow your personal network. Find out more.

Mentor Days

It takes a village to raise a startup! That's why we purposefully pair students in our majors with professionals and experts in their industry in both fall and spring semesters of their senior year. These mentors review business plans, facilitate connections, and generally give advice to help advance the students' ventures. Details here.

CEO (Collegiate Entrepreneurs' Organization)

Join our student organization, CEO! Whether you've been running a business for years or are just curious about how entrepreneurship works, our club is a great place to grow your network and connect with like-minded individuals. Join today!