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Our University-focused programs speak to what is right and good in our students, faculty, and staff. We offer several talent discovery & development tools and workshops for the University community to learn, grow, and lead.


The Entrepreneurial Leadership Institute (ELI) is proud to offer the EntreFellows summer research program to research faculty in the Miller College of Business. This program affords one faculty member per summer the opportunity to work on research projects with ELI faculty and staff while earning $7,000 in supplemental compensation.

Research projects are ultimately at the prerogative of ELI faculty and must support the mission of the Institute, but additional agendas and data around topics such as entrepreneurship, innovation, talent management, entrepreneurship and innovation education, creativity, public policy, and leadership will be considered as well. Special consideration will be given to those with demonstrated expertise in methods and data analysis.

Applications are now closed.

GEN:i (Generation Innovation) is a Ball State Entrepreneurial Leadership Institute original program designed with student leaders in mind. This program brings together a select group of highly motivated students to increase their skills in innovation & leadership, and to build upon entrepreneurial creativity. GEN:i was created for those students looking to take their college experience up a notch - to get out of their comfort zone and set themselves apart as they prepare for their future.

The curriculum of the program begins with self-discovery and mission development, taking participants on unique leadership development journey that redefines the traditional sense of “entrepreneurship”. Participants will also be coached in applicable tools and skills for any role, business creator or not.  

View the GEN:i program flyer now


Applications for GEN:i require the following materials:

  • a maximum 1,000-word essay detailing why you're interested in the program, your future aspirations, and why you should be selected for the program;
  • an interview with an ELI team member where you will share what you hope to get out of the program;
  • any other supporting documents or letters of recommendation.

Participant Expectations

Program participants are expected to:

  • attend and participate in every meeting/trip;
  • represent the University, the Entrepreneurial Leadership Institute, and themselves with professionalism at all times;
  • be in good academic standing with the University;
  • remit program fees of $750. Partial scholarships are available for those who may need it. Please fill out the scholarship form at the time of your application.


Applications for the 2023-24 academic year are now closed.

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The Ball State U Have Talent program provides resources and coaching to the campus community to help students, faculty, and staff identify, own, and point strengths toward their mission and personal and career goals. Participants will become better aware of their own strengths, learn to embrace differences with others, and pursue powerful partnerships.

We also work with faculty members to offer these tools and workshops in their classes or extracurricular programs, and we offer open enrollment workshops each semester. In addition, in partnership with Working Well, we offer manager and team coaching and facilitations on strengths and employee engagement.

Tools, Resources, and Sessions

  • Gallup’s CliftonStrengths assessment
  • Gallup’s Builder Profile-10 (BP-10) assessment
  • The Basadur Innovation and Problem-Solving Profile
  • The Entrepreneurial Leadership Instrument
  • FourSight Innovation Profile (fees may apply)
  • Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile (fees may apply)
  • MBTI (fees may apply)
  • DiSC (fees may apply)
  • Developing your personal mission statement/ personal pitch
  • Team building/Leadership team formation and dynamics

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To request an assessment code or resource presentation, please fill out an inquiry request.
For more information about individual coaching, classroom workshops, or access to our tools, contact us or one of our campus ambassadors.

Our campus ambassadors include:

In today’s world, a position title is not always the equivalent of a leader. A true leader can perform in a supervisor or subordinate role and can take their productivity to the next level when they continue educating themselves on styles, best practices, and new tools to keep their skills sharp.

Delivered by University Human Resource Services, Ball State’s LEAD University Leadership Development Program helps advance leaders in multiple ways. The program helps leaders to identify their own strengths and leadership elements while also reinforcing how to effectively communicate goals and engage their teams. We are excited to partner with Human Resources to deliver this highly impactful program!