Through our core expertise areas of leadership and innovation, we offer a variety of programs designed to help aspiring and established professionals develop a more creative, engaging, and entrepreneurial culture.


Saturday, February 25

FREE educators conference for those who have a role in K-12 education.
Registration is open through February 10. Need more information? Contact Candy Dodd

Applications are now open for the 2023-24 GEN:i program with priority given to applications submitted by March 17.  Need more information? Contact Charity Coffman

Applications are now open for the 2023-24 Chic Innovate program.  Need more information? Contact Candy Dodd

Executive Education & Consultation
Dr. Rob Mathews speaking to an audience

Executive Education and Consultation

We offer a wide variety of highly impactful workshops, team building sessions, training programs, and problem solving, innovation, and strategy facilitation services. These services focus on creativity, leadership, innovation, engagement, personal productivity, doing business like Disney, financial management, and operational excellence.

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Dr. Rob Mathews speaking to an audience

University Programs

Our campus programs speak to what is right and good in our students, faculty, and staff. We offer several talent discovery & development tools and workshops in combination with assessments from Gallup and other reputable organizations.

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Dr. Rob Mathews speaking to an audience

Community Programs

Our community programs are centered on leadership development through an innovation lens. We aim to help aspiring creators and entrepreneurs lead with passion, energy, and integrity. Our offerings target local youth, women, and organizations seeking assistance with problem-solving and strategy development.

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We’re Here to Help

Please contact us with questions about any of our programs or our mission. We're excited to work with you!

Entrepreneurial Leadership Institute

Oakwood Building (OW), Room 131
2501 N. Oakwood Avenue
Muncie, IN 47304

8 a.m.-5 p.m.
Summer hours: 7:30 a.m.-4 p.m.