Over the years, the Center for Energy Research/Education/Service (CERES) has remained true to its founding mission as an inter-disciplinary academic support unit focused on issues related to energy and resource use, alternatives and conservation. We continue to:

  • examine state-of-the-art energy conservation and in-use practices;
  • investigate alternative solutions to contemporary energy problems;
  • project the implications of these solutions;
  • devise means of implementing these ideas;
  • and most especially, disseminate findings to the appropriate publics—professionals, educators, policy planners, students and lay persons.

Click here to view a map that indicates the in-state and out-of-state research, education, and service activities of the Center since its founding in 1982. We continue to contract with federal, state and municipal agencies, not-for-profits, educational counterparts and businesses; and solicit funding through established grant programs to underwrite our work. In many instances we have originated the work—reaching out to develop a project but more often we are invited to participate by those in need of our research, education and/or service involvement.