Close the curtains (optional): [Figure 2]

Figure 1: Ring heliodon

Figure 2: Close the curtains

Figure 3

Figure 4: Place the model on the heliodon

Figure 5: Adjust Model Orientation

Figure 6: Handling/Adjusting the Heliodon

Figure 7: Adjust the Latitude

Figure 8: Turn on the Sun Lamps


Figure 9: Adjust the Time of Year


Figure 10: Adjust the Time of Day

The room may be darkened by drawing the curtains over the space's west, north and east windows. [Figure 3]

Place the model on the heliodon: [Figure 4]
Center the area of interest in the center of the circular table.

Adjust Model Orientation: [Figure 5]
Take note of the orientation indicators on the edges of the table (North, South, East and West). Rotate the model into the desired orientation.

Handling/Adjusting the Heliodon: [Figure 6]
As noted below, PRIMARY movement, set-up and adjustment of the heliodon is to be done only by touching the black metal pieces of the device.

Adjust the Latitude: [Figure 7]
Slightly loosen the black knob at the end of the heliodon to relieve friction on the metal disc and allow the ring assembly to swivel up and down and the metal disc to rotate. Grabbing the assembly BY THE BLACK RINGS ONLY, tilt the assembly until the pointer adjacent to the metal disc aligns with the marking for the desired latitude. Once in position, re-tighten the black knob to hold the ring assembly at this angle. Do not over tighten. Use light to moderate hand tightening - use only enough tension to hold the ring assembly in position.

Darken the room (optional):
The room may be darkened by switching off the lights at the switch plate at the east end of the south brick wall.

Turn on the Sun Lamps: [Figure 8]
There is a rocker switch next to the latitude adjustment disc that will power up the device. Note that only one sun lamp will be on at a time. Note that the device may be plugged into a power strip that also must be turned on in order for the lamp to light. It is not necessary to turn off the lamps while making adjustments to the device. Be sure to power off both the device switch and the power strip when finished with the device.

Adjust the Time of Year: [Figure 9]
Time of year is adjusted by lighting a sun lamp on one of seven rings on the device. The rings/lamps are marked near the lamp fixture itself. Note that five of the rings share markings for two months as annual solar geometry results in a symmetrical pattern. Switch between the active sun lamps by using the rotating switch attached to the coiled cord. Note that only one sun lamp will be illuminated at any given time. The switch is also marked to point to the active (month) lamp.

Adjust the time of Day: [Figure 10]
The time of day is adjusted by rotating the corresponding silver metal ring for the active lamp. This is the ONLY time the device should be adjusted by handling the silver metal rings. The times of day (in Solar Time) are marked in various locations on the black metal rings that parallel the silver metal rings. Simply rotate the silver rings so that the lamp aligns with the desired hourly markings on the black ring. It is not necessary to turn off the lamp while making time-of-day adjustments to the device.

Shutdown Procedures: 

  1. Align all of the monthly lamps at their 12 noon settings.
  2. Power off both the device switch and the power strip when finished with the device.
  3. Return the device to 40 N Latitude.
  4. Open the room curtains.
  5. Return any checked out materials to the CERES office.
  6. Remove all personal materials from the facility.