Close the curtains (optional):

Figure 1

Figure 2: Flatten the table surface

Figure 3: Place the model on the heliodon

Figure 4: Adjust Model Orientation

Figure 5: Clamp model to table

Figure 6: Darken the room

Figure 7: Turn on the sun lamp

Figure 8: Adjust the Latitude

Figure 9: Adjust the Time of Year

Figure 10: Adjust the Time of Day

The room may be darkened by drawing the curtains over the space's west, north and east windows.

Flatten the table surface: [Figure 2]
It is best to place the model on the table when it is in a relatively flat position. Rotate the Time-of-Day adjustment to approximately 12 noon. The table surface will likely be tilted towards the gated end of the room. Rotate the Time-of-Year adjustment to bring the table surface into a relatively flat orientation.

Place the model on the heliodon: [Figure 3]
Center the model base on the table or, if possible, align one or two of the edges of the model base with the edges of the metal table (to facilitate clamping).

Adjust Model Orientation: [Figure 4]
Take note of the orientation indicator on the table. A large arrow and letter 'N' indicates north on the table surface. Carefully rotate the model into the desired orientation and adjust its position on the table to facilitate clamping.

Clamp model to table: [Figure 5]
Using the supplied clamps, securely clamp the model base to the table in at least two separate locations. Optimally, the clamps should be placed on or toward the north side of the model to prevent the clamps from casting shadows onto or into the model. When the model is believed to be secure, slowly and carefully swivel the time of day adjustment to confirm that the model will remain on the table and to ensure that the clamps do not interfere with the free motion of the table mechanisms.

Darken the room (optional): [Figure 6]
The room may be darkened by switching off the lights at the switch plate at the east end of the south brick wall.

Turn on the sun lamp: [Figure 7]
There is a rocker switch on the lower right of the wall switch plate marked "spot". Flip it up to turn on the sun. There is a timer on the sun lamp to avoid it being left on for extremely long periods of time. If it happens to shut off while you are working, simply flip it back on at the wall plate. Be sure to power off the sun lamp when you are finished with the device.

Adjust the Latitude: [Figure 8]
Adjust the latitude by rotating the latitude knob until the proper latitude is indicated. Let the table surface move itself via the knob. Do not attempt to assist the movement of the table surface.

Adjust the Time of Year: [Figure 9]
Adjust the Time of Year by rotating the declination knob until the desired month is indicated. Let the table surface move itself via the knob. Do not attempt to assist the movement of the table surface. 

Adjust the Time of Day: [Figure 10]
Time of Day is adjusted by controlling two things: friction and the actual swivel. The friction of the table's swivel action is controlled by the friction adjustment knob at the rear of the table protruding from the central post. Adjust the knob to apply a light amount of friction to the table's swivel axis. The proper friction is achieved by experimentation and varies based upon the weight of the model and the other device settings. Try to set the friction light enough to allow an easy, smooth swivel of the table through the hours of the day, but tight enough to prevent the table surface and model from flopping and spinning around due to gravity at extreme morning and evening angular settings. Once the friction is correct, gently swivel the table to and/or through the desired hours of the day by grasping the metal table surface or undercarriage (NOT the model) directly near the rear of the table and rotating it around the axis of the main post. Hourly markings (in Solar Time) can be found on each side of the main post.

Shutdown Procedures:

  1. Return the table to a flat orientation. 
  2.  Carefully unclamp and remove the model. 
  3.  Return the device to 40 N Latitude. 
  4.  Set the time of day at noon. 
  5.  Shut off the sun lamp. 
  6.  Open the room curtains. 
  7.  Return any checked out materials to the CERES office. 
  8.  Remove all personal materials from the facility.