The National Trust for Historic Preservation defines heritage tourism as the act of, “traveling to experience the places and activities that authentically represent the stories and people of the past and present.” 

Heritage-based tourism contains two benefits:

  • It preserves local heritage.
  • It serves as an economic tool that can create jobs, provide new business opportunities, and strengthen local economies.

Heritage Tourism Plans

Heritage tourism plans are useful to the development, management, and promotion for historic communities.  Planning for heritage tourism is a service the Center for HIstoric Preservation offers to communities throughout the Midwest and is an important tool in utilizing historic resources to promote community pride and sustainability.  A good heritage tourism plan serves both the residents of the community as well as the tourist the community is trying to attract.  Benefits of heritage tourism plans are positive local economic impacts, diversification of economies, job creation and new businesses.  Successful preservation efforts also evolve from heritage tourism development as communities begin to realize their historic value and importance, and take pride in their heritage and culture.

Walking & Driving Tour Brochures 

Hand-in-hand with heritage tourism plans, walking and driving tour brochures are important tools for tourists visiting historic communities.  The center has worked on many brochures and is well versed in how to best use communities’ resources.


Communication through the internet is becoming an increasingly effective method of informing the public at large.  At the Center for Historic Preservation, we understand the importance of keeping in step with technological advances in our promotion efforts.  Podcasts are a great and effective way of informing target groups about historic resources and community heritage.