Heritage education is a valuable resource for teachers who want an opportunity to integrate local history into their curriculum, as well as classroom and field trip activities that meet the Indiana State Education Standards for social studies, English, and math.  Heritage education is gaining popularity in local communities due to its value in teaching youth about the importance of their communities.

Heritage Education Curriculum

Heritage education plays an important role in a community's cultural heritage and pride.  The Center for Historic Preservation has worked with schools in the past to develop heritage education curricula to inform students about their heritage and community’s history.  The center received an Award of Merit from the American Association of State and Local History (AASLH) for its work on the Muncie heritage education handbook.  The center can help communities develop handbooks and heritage education curriculum that use heritage to teach the materials in the state standards for social studies, English, and math.


The Center for Historic Preservation is always looking for ways to positively promote historic preservation.  We are currently working on developing a series of workshops for continuing education credits.  We are also working on creating hands-on workshops for communities that have specific interests in preservation efforts, from wood window restoration to heritage tourism planning and development.