Our carefully built collection of strategic yet practical services—as basic as research and as cutting edge as implementing high tech tools to document the structure of your building—help maximize the possibilities and impact of historic preservation. The Center for Historic Preservation's services include planning, documentation, heritage tourism and education, and research.

Review our offered services below. 

Planning For Your Community:

  • Community Preservation Plans
  • Historic Resource Surveys
  • Design Guidelines
  • National Register Nominations

Planning For Your Building

  • Building Preservation Plans
  • Historic Structure Reports
  • Maintenance Plans
  • Adaptive Use Studies
  • Pro Formas
  • Condition Assessments
  • Facade Rehabilitation Renderings


  • National Register Nominations
  • Historic Structure Reports
  • Measured Drawings
  • Photography
  • 3-D Laser Scanning
  • Historic Resource Surveys


  • Heritage Tourism Planning
  • Walking and Driving Tour Brochures
  • Podcasts


  • Heritage Education Curriculum
  • Workshops


  • Historic Structure Reports
  • National Register Nominations
  • Primary Research - Community and Building Histories