Our lab is outfitted with some of the best equipment in the industry, including a dual-belt force-instrumented treadmill (one of only a few in the world), to assess almost any type of human motion.

The following are examples of the movements we analyze through 3D motion-capture technology:

  • running gait analysis
  • jumping and landing mechanics
  • foot mechanics
  • golf swing

Clinical Gait Analysis

One of the main functions of the biomechanics lab is to study and evaluate key characteristics of an individual's walking pattern through 3D motion capture technology.

Gait abnormalities are complex, involving secondary compensatory adaptations that are difficult to identify. Information obtained through gait analysis is often used to help physicians, therapists, trainers, and coaches determine optimal treatment and training plans. This may take the form of therapeutic interventions or tracking progress and functional outcomes after surgery or therapy.

Gait analysis is appropriate for people of all ages who have pain or experience difficulties walking due to neuromuscular or orthopedic disorders such as cerebral palsy, stroke, osteoarthritis, muscle or joint injury.


More Information

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