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Assessment Quality: Sales Ratio Analysis Update for Residential Properties in Indiana

In this policy brief, we focus on the uniformity of property tax assessment in the state and whether trends indicate that assessment is becoming more uniform over time. Data presented here indicate that overall property tax assessment uniformity is improving—property assessed values are moving closer to sale prices.

Produced for the Indiana Association of REALTORS. Published July 9, 2018.

Selected Tariff Effects on Indiana

CBER director and economist Michael Hicks examines the tariffs proposed by the Trump Administration and estimates their effect on the Indiana economy, considering both the industry and workers. Published June 21, 2018.

2018 Manufacturing and Logistics Report Card

The annual Manufacturing and Logistics Report Card evaluates the health of the manufacturing and logistics industries in each state and additional factors ranging from human capital to expected fiscal liability. This annual piece is created for Conexus Indiana, a state initiative to improve manufacturing and logistics. Published June 7, 2018.

Population Decline in Muncie Is Accelerating: Memo and Study

This study seeks to clarify data and growth projections concerning population in Muncie and Delaware County, Indiana using primary source data. Published Feb. 27, 2018.

Regional Cities Initiative: Preliminary Economic Impacts

In this report, we calculate the preliminary economic impact of the statewide Regional Cities Initiative, designed for sustainable community growth in Indiana's 92 counties.

The 2018 Economic Forecast for the US and Indiana

How will our economy fare in 2018? CBER director and economist Michael J. Hicks gives his perspective in the annual forecast for the US and Indiana. Published December 7, 2017 for the 22nd annual Indiana Economic Outlook sponsored by First Merchants.

TRENDING: How Vulnerable Are American Communities to Automation, Trade, & Urbanization?

This study highlights divergence in regional economic performance and the impact on households and communities, which necessitates an urgent call to research and policy analysis. The executive summary provides an overview of key points, and the appendix shows larger regional maps of county-level data for all 50 states. Published June 19, 2017.

TRENDING: The Myth and the Reality of Manufacturing in America

This study for Conexus Indiana examines the composition of the industry before and after the Great Recession. We debunk common misconceptions about MFG, and we estimate the industry's future health. Published June 11, 2015 as a companion piece to the 2015 Conexus Indiana Manufacturing and Logistics Report.


CBER Projects & Publications Library: Visit projects.cberdata.org to browse our archive of CBER reports ranging from this year through 2008 and a project search by keyword.