Fudge Site Power point  

Note to Educators:

We hope this PowerPoint presentation will be integrated into discussions of Native American history. We hope you find the presentation flexible to use in several ways.

There are two sections in the PowerPoint. The first part is a review of archaeological research conducted at the Fudge site in 2005-2006. The second part is a fictional account based on archaeological information that explores what the lives were like of the people that built the Fudge site. You may wish to use both sections or only one.

Topics covered by the PowerPoint that can be tied to Indiana’s Academic Standards include:


  • Geometry and measurement.
    • How do you think the site was laid out so precisely without modern survey equipment or astronomy charts?
    • How do archaeologists keep track of where they have excavated?


    • Scientific thinking
      • Do archaeologists follow a scientific method?
      • Technology and Science
        • What types of technology are used in archaeology?
        • Human identity
          • How does archaeology investigate past cultures?

          Social Studies

          • History
            • Native Americans before European arrival
            • Chronological Thinking
            • Geography

            More detailed information on the site can be found in the report of our work at the site available at Publications, Report of Investigation #67.

            Further information on Indiana archaeology and education can be obtained from the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, Division of Historic Preservation and Archaeology at http://www.in.gov/dnr/historic/archeo_educ.html