From our 22,000 students to our unmatched wireless Internet network, the Ball State campus is full of energy. With more than 100 buildings spanning 731 acres and nearly 400 acres of research property, it’s big enough to stretch your legs as well as your brain, but small enough that you won’t wear them out. On the outside, our buildings reflect the history of the university, but the equipment and activity inside them tell our future. And the beauty part is, well, the beauty part—greenery, ponds, and seasonal flowers set a picturesque backdrop to your education.

Of course, our students and alumni all have their own favorite places on campus. Some have fond memories of the Quad in the historic heart of the campus; others love Frog Baby, once a good luck charm and now a campus icon; and, of course, Beneficence, the statue that has become the symbol of Ball State. Take a look at our campus map and get a better feel for Ball State.