Ball State’s continuing institutional accreditation by the Higher Learning Commission was reaffirmed on January 14, 2014, following a two-year self-study process. The university is now accredited through 2023–24.

Our good standing makes us eligible for the open pathway option for our next reaffirmation of accreditation. Instead of an intense data-gathering process in 10 years, Ball State provides annual updates to the commission and undergoes two assurance reviews during the period. 

The University’s year-four assurance report was submitted to the HLC in June 2018 for a virtual review that did not involve a campus visit. Our next comprehensive review will be Oct. 23 - 24, 2023.

Purpose of Accreditation

Institutional accreditation is a voluntary initiative that includes a comprehensive, critical evaluation of the university’s mission, goals, programs, and resources. Accreditation assures students and the public that the institution meets quality standards set by an independent, nongovernmental organization committed to enhancing higher education. The accreditation process helps the university ensure accountability and plan for improvement. Ball State has been accredited since 1925.