2nd Annual Teacher-Scholar Program Celebration

April 19, 2022
3:00 – 5:30 p.m.

Opening Remarks

  • Dr. Susana Rivera-Mills
    Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Dr. Stephanie Simon-Dack
    Interim Vice Provost for Research

Oral Presentations

Location: Cardinal Hall C
Presiding - Dr. Jordon Froese, Department of Chemistry

  • Veronica Bedwell
    Campus and Community-Engaged Addictions Research
    Mentor: Dr. Dane Minnick
    Department of Social Work
  • Hayden Blann
    Emotional Awareness: How Aware Are You?
    Mentor: Dr. Glenn Stone
    Department of Social Work
  • Javona Freeman
    Understanding Drug Use in Indian Women
    Mentor: Dr. Caitlyn Placek
    Department of Anthropology
  • Kimberly Ingold
    Bullying Victimization, Harms, and LGBTQ+ Status
    Mentor: Dr. Greg Rocheleau
    Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology
  • Megan Kraay
    Places Transforming
    Mentor: Dr. Sarah Angne Alfaro
    Department of Construction Management and Interior Design
  • Tobi Lott 
    Saintly Childhoods
    Mentor: Dr. Ellen Thorington
    Department of Modern Languages & Classics
  • Miranda Minnick
    Amplifying the voices of the Muncie Mission
    Mentor: Dr. Darolyn Jones
    Department of English
  • Kilib Thompson 
    Paper Based Micro Fluidic Devices for Detection of Disease Biomarkers
    Mentor: Dr. David Bwambok
    Department of Chemistry
  • Mary Tragesser-Tina 
    The Role of Ino4 in Regulating Hrd1 Stability
    Mentor: Dr. Eric V. J. Rubenstein
    Department of Biology
  • Matthew Cooper and Rockie Sharon
    LGBTQ+ Theatre for Youth: An Investigation
    Mentor: Dr. Andy Waldron
    Department of Theatre and Dance

Poster Presentations

Location: Cardinal Hall AB

  • Taylor Bias 
    Expression and Purification of MitoNEET 
    Mentor: Dr. Mary Konkle
    Department of Chemistry
  • Maia Blazek 
    Mad, Sad, and Confused: Increased Negative Emotionality and Cognitive Processes Associated with Miscommunication in 1.8 Million Tweets
    Mentor: Dr. Thomas Holtgraves
    Department of Psychological Science
  • Chamese Brewer 
    Cleaning and Mounting Diatoms for Ecological Studies 
    Mentor: Dr. Kevin Wyatt
    Department of Biology
  • Paichens Chamberlain
    An Investigation of the Effects of Personal Relevance and Image Types on College Students' Perceptions of a Dating Violence News Article 
    Mentor: Dr. Sungwon Chung
    School of Journalism and Strategic Communication
  • Parker Clingerman 
    Determining The Role of Brain Glycogen in Cognition and Cell Viability 
    Mentor: Dr. Bartholomew Pederson
    Center for Medical Education
  • Jason Doudt
    Hyland Mill Archaeology Project
    Mentor: Dr. Mark Groover
    Department of Anthropology
  • Raina Huber
    Individual Differences in Floor Slant Perception
    Mentor: Dr. Daniele Nardi
    Department of Psychological Science
  • Dylan Kedra
    Examining Racial Bias in Fatal Police Shootings with a Fleeing Victim
    Mentor: Dr. Anthony Vito
    Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology
  • Michael Loesch
    Research and Interpretation for a New Installation of Indian Paintings at the David Owsley Museum of Art
    Mentor: Dr. Noelle Giuffrida
    School of Art
  • Abby May
    Development in Sports
    Mentor: Dr. Jerry Reynolds
    Department of Social Work
  • Makenna Poindexter
    "Robin Hood; or, The Foresters Fate" (1862): An Edition and a Literary Analysis
    Mentor: Dr. Alexander Kaufman
    Honors College
  • Isaac Porter and Rebecca Staver
    For Our Collective Liberation: Marginal Communities, Trauma, and Entheogenic Healing
    Mentor: Dr. Robert Phillips
    Department of Anthropology
  • Paige Ragan
    Lashley Tavern
    Mentor: Dr. Mark Groover
    Department of Anthropology
  • Rose Richert
    Prescription Drug Misuse and Marijuana Use Among Lesbian, Gay, And Bisexual Adults Ages 18-25
    Mentor: Dr. Anthony Vito
    Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology
  • Olivia Romanovich
    Towards the Design of Cu (II) Coordination Polymers Based on 3-Pyridyl Tetrazolone Ligand: A UV-Vis Spectroscopic Study
    Mentor: Dr. Sundeep Rayat
    Department of Chemistry
  • Ethan Smart 
    Interactions Between Bolivians and Peace Corps Volunteers (1960's)
    Mentor: Dr. Jorn Seemann
    Department of Geography
  • Morgan Thatcher 
    Ending Human Trafficking in Sport: A Playbook for Forward Progress 
    Mentor: Dr. Matt Moore
    Department of Social Work
  • Griffin Thomas 
    Biomedical Studies of Open-Chain Analogues of Ipomoeassin F 
    Mentor: Dr. Wei Shi
    Department of Chemistry
  • Jessica Van Ness 
    Manuscript Process 
    Mentor: Dr. Ellen Thorington
    Department of Modern Languages & Classics

Special Thanks

  • Dean Adam Beach, Graduate School
  • Sponsored Projects Administration