Tips on having a secure password:

  • Never share your password with a friend, co-worker, or anyone, no matter how much you trust him or her
  • Do not write down your password
  • Do not use obvious choices like your birth date, spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend, pet name, your car make/model, easily recognized words or phrases 
  • Do not use a keyboard sequence (asdfghjklasdfghj) or a number sequence (123456789012)
  • Do not use your favorite sport
  • Do not reuse your passwords across multiple sites

Here are some of the common questions you may ask:

For extended help on having a secure password visit the Technology Knowledge Base.

Ball State Does Not Ever Ask For Your Password

You should protect your Ball State password in the same manner as your credit card or bank account numbers. No legitimate university faculty, staff, or student should ever ask for your Ball State password. People who desire to use your Ball State account maliciously will work hard to convince you that you must disclose it. Never release your password to anyone under any circumstances.