The purpose of this program is to provide information about personal protective equipment (PPE) that is appropriate to use while performing work duties. 

PPE includes clothing, work accessories, and equipment designed to protect employees from work place hazards that may be encountered during a work-shift.  PPE must not replace engineering, administrative, and procedural controls for safety.  All PPE should be used in conjunction with all of these controls to ensure a safe working environment. 

This program will address the general PPE used on campus and gives general guidelines to use with all potential PPE used on the campus of Ball State University. The PPE Program also utilizes hazard assessments to determine employee exposures and potential unsafe conditions. It is used to identify any workplace hazard that may be controlled by any other engineering controls, product substitution or any PPE. 

For an evaluation of the work area or specific job function contact the EHS Office at 765-285-2832.


Personal Protective Equipment Program