Purchasing Card Statement Retrieval and Receipt Upload Procedures

Procedures for retrieving purchasing card statements and uploading purchasing card receipts are below and are applicable for all web browsers:

Purchasing Card Statement Retrieval and Receipt Upload Procedures

BDMS Purchasing Card Access Request Procedures

Please note that if you need access to perform the duties outlined in the above procedures, complete a request through the HelpDesk website:

  • go to bsu.service-now.com/helpdesk
  • go to 'Request Services'
  • go to 'Security Access'
  • go to 'BDMS - Security Access'
  • complete the form; when asked to 'select the application you would like access to,' enter both BSU-F-STATEMENTS and BSU-F-PCARDRCPTS
  • click 'Submit'

Purchasing Card Violations

Violations of the purchasing card program will be scored, based on the severity of the offense.  Points will accumulate throughout the fiscal year but will reset at the beginning of each fiscal year.  Violation types and scoring are below:

Violation Scoring
Improper Documentation 5
Inappropriate Purchase 5
Receipts Not Uploaded 5
Receipts Uploaded After 20th of Month 5
Split Transaction (Per Transaction) 5
Unauthorized Food Purchase 5


*Note that points will be assessed for this violation for each successive month in which the receipts are not uploaded.

Cards will be revoked, for a period of six months, if:

  • A particular card accumulates 50 or more points in a fiscal year
  • A particular violation has not been resolved in six months, regardless of fiscal year

If violations have not been resolved after six months, the University will undertake collections activities for any amount owed to the University. Collections activities may include payroll deduction.

Please refer to the Office of Purchasing Services for all other purchasing card-related resources.