Midterm feedback from students is a valuable way to improve your teaching during a current semester. We are available to help you collect timely and valuable information from your students that can then be applied to the latter half of that semester as well as to all future classes and semesters you teach. This service is offered in two formats—a facilitated in-class discussion or an online survey.  


In this format, one of our team members acts as a facilitator and leads a structured discussion in your class to gather feedback from your students. This process is meant to help you improve your teaching, not to serve as an evaluation tool, so the results are confidential—we don't report them to anyone but you. 

Online Survey

You can create a survey for your class to complete online through inQsit. This method of midterm feedback provides quantitative data on your teaching, course, and other pertinent information without sacrificing valuable class time.

Contact us for more information on this method of midterm feedback or download a form to learn more about Facilitated Midterm Feedback.

Here's How it Works

You will meet with one of our facilitators to discuss the specific feedback you are looking for you from your students such as your lectures, assignments, and any other area of your teaching. We will then discuss the procedure and set up a date for the in-class discussion. 

On the day of the discussion, you will briefly introduce the activity and the facilitator before leaving the classroom. The facilitator will break the class into small groups of four to five students and ask them to write individually for a few moments on the questions below. The groups will then discuss their comments and decide on their top answers for each question. Finally, each group will report out to the larger class and the facilitator will help the class decide on the top answers to each question.

The questions can vary, depending on the initial meeting, but typically follow this pattern: 

  • What about the class best helps you learn? 
  • What changes could the instructor make to improve your learning? 
  • What could you as a student do to improve the class? 
  • Other questions as determined in the initial meeting.
After the facilitator gathers written and oral comments, he or she will prepare a short-written report for you that highlights the results of the discussion, the student recommendations and any other issues that arose during the class session (e.g. significant points of disagreement, etc.). You will then meet with the facilitator to discuss the report and possible actions or changes you might consider. 

After you have time to digest the report and consider changes, you should discuss the results with your class. Most teachers will go through the list and talk about what changes they are willing to make and what changes they cannot or will not make, with explanation as to why. This honest discussion is key to keeping the process open and productive. 

Please note the following guidelines: 

  • We will offer this service during weeks six through ten of each semester; moving it any later makes meaningful changes more difficult. 
  • We expect that you will be able to meet with your facilitator within a week of the in-class session. 
  • We ask that you gather feedback on only one class per semester; our resources are limited, and so is your ability to adjust your teaching mid-semester without feeling overwhelmed.