1. The Communications Center is a self-service platform to send emails and other communications. The author/sender is responsible for all content. Marketing and Communications grants access to appropriate categories but does not post content on behalf of senders.
  2. All Communications Center posts must be University-related news and events. They cannot be used to benefit an external business or nonprofit or to fulfill a personal need or want.
  3. Departments and offices must approve senders who are granted category access.
  4. If senders are asking for participants in research, the study must be approved by the Institutional Review Board (IRB). Inclusion of the IRB number is strongly recommended.
  5. Student organizations must go through Benny Link for messages sent on their behalf.
  6. Senders must choose only appropriate categories for their messages. Senders who repeatedly send messages to categories not appropriate to their content may have their access revoked.
  7. Senders will follow all University policies, including Ball State Website Privacy Policy and Information Technology Users’ Privileges and Responsibilities Policy.
  8. All messages are subject to post-publication review by Marketing and Communications. Messages that are contradictory to Ball State policies, mission, and values will be removed.
  9. Consistent with the Information Technology Users’ Privileges and Responsibilities Policy, users will not:
    1. violate federal, state, or local laws
    2. violate the copyright or other intellectual property rights of others
    3. send messages that are harassing or threatening, or otherwise disruptive to the learning or working environment
    4. violate University policies, procedures, or contractual obligations
    5. be otherwise inconsistent with the mission and values of the University
    6. use the Communications Center in ways which may be inconsistent with the University's tax-exempt status or legal obligations, such as advertising commercial services for private financial gain, political campaigning, or services to outside organizations not recognized by the University as being entitled to make use of University resources