Manage Your Emergency Text Preferences

Active Ball State employees and students can subscribe or unsubscribe to emergency notifications sent from Ball State University to your mobile phone. Other individuals wishing to receive emergency text notifications can text BallStateAlerts to 226787.

Manage Preferences

Emergency notifications are delivered simultaneously via the University website, email, campus voicemail, and mobile text messages (for those who subscribe) when there is an immediate threat to the campus community. The system is used when immediate and specific action of students, faculty, and staff is likely to protect them from imminent danger. This system is also used when classes are canceled or the campus is closed.

Learn more about emergency preparedness.

Common Emergency Text Alerts

This command means that if you're in class or a campus activity and the room may be secured, stay where you are. If you need to travel around campus to get to a class or activity, you should stay in your current location until the "All Clear" message is given by Public Safety.

When the threat has passed and the campus community has been restored to normal safety levels, the message, "All clear. Return to normal activities," will be issued. This is the signal that it is now safe to move about campus and return to classes, offices, and events.

When the National Weather Service issues a tornado warning, Ball State will post pertinent information on the Ball State website and send a text message to subscribers of the University's emergency text messaging system. Continue to monitor the weather via radio or television until the tornado warning has been lifted for your area. The University sends text alerts for tornado warnings only. To receive notifications about other types of weather watches and advisories, you may want to explore free alert services such as those offered by The Weather Channel and The Emergency Email and Wireless Network.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you would like to unsubscribe from Ball State's emergency text notification system, manage your preferences.

If you receive an error message when unsubscribing, please wait a few minutes and try again. If you remain unsuccessful, contact the HelpDesk.

Manage your preferences to make sure your mobile number is complete and accurate. You can also check our supported providers list below for your mobile carrier's name. If you continue to experience issues, contact the HelpDesk for further troubleshooting.

Below is a list of supported mobile providers for Ball State's emergency text notification system.

  • ACS Wireless
  • Advantage Cellular
  • Airfire/Airadigm
  • AirVoice Wireless
  • Aliant Telecom
  • Alltel
  • Alltel/AWCC
  • American Messaging
  • Appalachian Wireless
  • AT&T
  • AT&T Legacy
  • Bell Mobility
  • Bluegrass Cellular
  • Boost Mobile
  • Brightlink
  • Carolina West Wireless
  • Cellcom
  • Cellular 29 Plus
  • Cellular One AZ
  • Cellular One Dobson
  • Cellular One East Central Illinois
  • Cellular One East Texas
  • Cellular Properties
  • Centennial Wireless
  • Chariton Valley
  • Chat Mobility
  • Choice Wireless (aka NTUA Wireless)
  • Cincinnati Bell
  • Clear Talk Wireless
  • Contact Communications
  • Contact Wireless
  • Corr Wireless
  • Cricket/AIO
  • Critical Alert
  • CSPIRE/Cellular South
  • DTS Cellular
  • Edge Wireless
  • Element Mobile
  • Enflick
  • EPIC
  • First Cellular of Southern Illinois
  • GCI Mobile
  • Golden State Cellular
  • Google Voice
  • Helio
  • Illinois Valley Cellular
  • Immix
  • Inland Cellular
  • Inteliquent
  • International
  • Iowa Wireless Services
  • IPN Paging
  • Leaco
  • Leap Legacy
  • Long Lines
  • Lyca Mobile
  • Lyrix Wireless
  • Metro PCS
  • MetroCall Pagers
  • Microcell Connexions
  • Midwest Wireless
  • Mobi PCS
  • Mobile Nation
  • MobilFone
  • Mosaic
  • MTA
  • MTPCS/Cellular One
  • MTS Allstream
  • Nemont/Sagebrush
  • Net10
  • Nex-Tech
  • Nextel
  • Northwest Missouri Cellular
  • Panhandle Telephone Cooperative Inc
  • Pine Cellular
  • Pioneer Wireless
  • Plateau Telecomm
  • Pocket Communications
  • Qwest Wireless - (TEXT NOT SUPPORTED)
  • Rave Wireless
  • Republic Wireless
  • Revol
  • Rogers Wireless
  • Rural Cellular (Unicel)
  • SilverStar
  • Skytel
  • Southern Linc
  • Sprint
  • Straight Talk
  • Syringa Wireless
  • Telus
  • Thumb Cellular
  • T-Mobile
  • TracFone
  • Triangle Wireless
  • U.S. Cellular
  • Union Wireless
  • United Wireless
  • USA Mobility
  • Verizon Wireless
  • VIAERO Wireless
  • Virgin Mobile Canada
  • West Central Wireless
  • Westlink Communications

The vendor that provides emergency text messaging determines supported providers. While this is outside the University's control, you may contact the HelpDesk so that we can pass your feedback on to the vendor.

The University sends emergency text messages only to subscribers with active Ball State user accounts. If your affiliation with Ball State changes (for example, you are no longer a student or employee), your subscription to the emergency text alerts will be ended. If you believe you have received this message in error, please contact the HelpDesk for assistance.

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