The process for finding Immersive Learning classes in Banner is simple. On the course search, click the Advanced Search and select High Impact Immersive Learning HIIM from the drop-down list. Combine that with the subjects you are searching in and a list of courses in those subjects with the HIIM attribute will populate.

  1. Shows the beginning step of selecting courses with the HIIM attribute. Enter subjects in the subject field and click "Advanced Search"
  2. Image showing step 2: Under the advanced search, choose High Impact Immersive Learning under the attribute label
  3. Image showing step 3: Hit search at the bottom
  4. Image shows step 4: The results of the search will show courses in the subjects selected with the HIIM attribute.


You can also: 

  • Ask your home department and faculty about current offerings.
  • Talking to your academic advisor.
  • Ask fellow students if they have taken an immersive learning course that they would recommend.

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