The Immersive Learning Showcase is an amazing opportunity for you and your team to talk about and exhibit the results and outcomes of your Immersive Learning project to students, faculty, administrators, and the larger Muncie community!

You will be assigned a table space (8-foot) to create an exhibit that represents your project. There will be many team representatives and tables, each representing an immersive learning project.

As you and your team prepare your display consider how to make your display attractive to draw attention and interesting for passersby to stop at your table.

Two students in suits talk to other students

Use some of the following techniques to draw attention to your display:

  • Incorporate objects that relate to your project.
  • Create a digital presentation that contains key information.
  • Use a display board to create a vertical space upon which you can display information, including photos, charts and graphs, maps, or other visually
    appealing materials.
  • Be creative. Only your team knows how to represent your project best!
  • Displays should be professional in appearance. Please make sure that you thoroughly proofread all information.

In addition to preparing your exhibit, you need to prepare yourself to effectively communicate your ideas to others.

  • Prepare a brief explanation of your project that is clear, straightforward, and successfully captures the key ideas associated with your project. Be ready to
    answer questions from people who stop by your table.
  • Be professional in both your appearance and demeanor. Dress appropriately and
    be polite, respectful, and welcoming to visitors. Students, faculty, and
    administrators from across campus have been invited to learn about your
    immersive learning project work.
  • Spend some time browsing through the other immersive learning exhibits and
    meet your fellow immersive learning peers.

Sharing your immersive learning partnership project work is important for you, your team, your own portfolio, professional growth, and development. It is also important for the growth and development of your community partner, and your immersive learning work adds to the success of the community at large. You may have furthered an organization and the people they serve by creating something that makes their work easier. Or you may have uncovered some actionable items that should be considered and worked on in the future to improve the lives of our citizenry.

You and your immersive learning work make a difference! We hope that you will participate in more immersive learning projects and will assume a share of civic responsibility after your time in college, wherever you live.

Have Questions?

Contact the Immersive Learning office so we can help at or use this form.