The construction department of Facilities Planning and Management is responsible for overseeing all construction on campus including small internal projects as well as minor renovations, building renovation/restoration, major renovations and new construction completed by outside contractors.  Project managers work closely with the campus community to ensure they are apprised of construction activity and to lessen any potential impacts to their daily routines.  

The staff of the construction department are responsible for the following:


  • Maintaining the general requirements of the project specifications
  • Participating in the design of new or renovation of existing spaces from a constructability and schedule perspective
  • Reviewing estimates of work for accuracy and compliance with contract terms


Acting as the Owner’s Representative by managing the entire construction process for compliance with contract terms.

  • Schedule
  • Budget
  • Specifications


At the of completion of major construction projects, the construction staff will assist:

  • Stakeholders move in
  • Operations staff preventative maintenance and care

Construction Management Companies

If you are a construction management company interested in providing CMc services to Ball State University, visit the Construction Manager as Constructor section page.

General Contractors and CMc Resources: 

  • Utility Construction Inspection
  • Structural Construction Inspection
  • Envelope Construction Inspection
  • MEP and FP Construction Inspection
  • Interior Finishes Construction Inspection