Students with disabilities are entitled by law to alternative testing arrangements that offer optimum testing conditions.

The University's responsibility is to respond to a request for a test accommodation and to assure the measurement of a student's academic achievement, not the functional limitation caused by a student's disability.

Faculty members may wish to handle their own accommodated testing.

Primary consideration should be given to arranging a test so as to measure the student's acquired knowledge of the subject matter.

To create a fair testing situation for students with disabilities you may need to consider supplying some or all of the following:

  • an accessible test site
  • special equipment (word processor, JAWS, etc.) 
  • readers or scribes
  • large-print or braille copies of tests
  • sufficient uninterrupted time
  • quiet test environment (hallways and reception rooms are unacceptable for tests)

The Office of Disability Services (DS) is charged with reviewing relevant medical and psychometric materials in order to verify a disability that qualifies for accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Should a student approach you with a request for an accommodation (such as one listed above), indicate that you will be able to discuss that when the student has presented you with a letter from Disability Services.

Learning Center

A fair and convenient method for accommodated test administration is available through the Learning Center. This service is structured to provide fair evaluation of students with disabilities, without resulting in a competitive academic advantage over other students. Approximately 2,000 tests are administered in the Learning Center each year, and the utmost care is given to ensure that Ball State's academic standards are upheld.

In order to facilitate staffing at the Learning Center, it is requested that faculty members have the test in the Learning Center (NQ 350) the day before the test is to be given. Please send it to the attention of the Testing desk at the Learning Center. Instructions regarding the test should be attached (open book, calculator, etc.). Also remember to include your name, phone number, campus address, and the student's name. A Learning Center employee will return the test to your departmental office in a sealed envelope after the test has been completed. If you have questions concerning the procedures, please call the Testing desk at 765-285-3779.

Test administration in the Learning Center involves only physical assistance in accordance with a student's functional limitation (e.g., reading, writing, marking answer sheets, setting up word processing, or using a print enlargement unit). Students receive no assistance with content.

The student is not permitted to use notes, books, tapes, or any supplementary materials unless the faculty member notifies the Learning Center of a specific exception.