Functional Areas within the Office of University Controller

  The Office of University Controller's mission is to be an active participant in the success of Ball State University's Strategic Plan.


   Mission Statement

  • Produce accurate and timely financial information for fiscal and tax reporting
  • Maintain the University’s accounting and financial reporting systems while striving for improvements using enhanced technology
  • Establish and communicate policies and procedures necessary to ensure the proper and efficient use of University resources
  • Provide training, oversight and management to improve business operations and to ensure the integrity of all University financial transactions
  • Promote and monitor compliance with appropriate State and Federal financial and tax laws and regulations
  • Receive and deposit funds due the University
  • Ensure the timely and proper settlement of amounts owed by the University
  • Provide billing statements for students and non-student populations
  • Maintain the University’s banking and investing relationships



It is the vision of the University Controller’s Office to work with the campus community to attain shared goals through open communication and teamwork.  We aspire to provide financial leadership in a professional, courteous and service-oriented manner.


   Our Goals

  • Maintain a work environment that encourages innovation, communication and teamwork
  • Commitment to lifetime learning to ensure our staff stays abreast of technology improvements as well as financial and tax laws and regulations
  • Continuously strives for improvements in the Banner systems and ancillary systems
  • Conduct ourselves in an honest and credible manner, abiding by high ethical and moral standards