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March 5, 2015

Lawmakers celebrate Indiana Academy’s 25th anniversary
Rep. Sue Errington welcomed to the Statehouse guests from the Indiana Academy as the House of Representatives recognized the school’s 25th anniversary. Faculty, staff and students attended the reading and adoption of the joint resolution sponsored by Errington.

Students, faculty and staff of the Indiana Academy of Science, Mathematics and Humanities were guests at the Indiana Statehouse Thursday, as lawmakers marked the school’s 25th anniversary.

Rep. Sue Errington authored House Concurrent Resolution 31, celebrating the quarter-century mark for the two-year residential high school that’s home to some of the state’s highest-achieving students.

“It was my honor to present this resolution,” said Errington, whose district includes Muncie and the Indiana Academy. “Even though the academy is located in Muncie, it belongs to the state, and I think it’s very important for the legislature to see what we’re funding.”

Vickie Barton, the academy’s executive director, said students from counties throughout the state attend the school. She thanked lawmakers for their support.

“Whether you know it or not, you have changed the world. You’ve saved lives, and you’ve changed lives,” Barton said. “You created this school where bright kids can be as much as they want to be.”

The school was organized in 1988, and Marc Carmichael, then-representative for House District 34, said it wasn’t a popular idea.

“At the time, it was controversial,” Carmichael said. “We were advocating to take the best and brightest students out of schools around the state.” But Carmichael said it was the right thing to do for students. “It’s always been the proudest moment of my legislative career.”

Dexter Ploss has seen first-hand the benefits of the academy. Ploss’ daughter, Maya, will graduate in May and has a career path in her sights: neurosurgeon.

“Upon reflection, it’s the best thing that ever happened for her,” said Ploss. Even though Maya moved from the family’s home in Noblesville, her dad said he wouldn’t change it. “It was painful for me when she left. But she’s mature beyond her years, and she’s not the same person she was. She’s had such growth.”

Other students on hand for the presentation echoed Barton’s thanks for the lawmakers’ support.

“The school has reignited my passion for learning,” said Brianna Betton, 16, Indianapolis. “I’ve learned to think critically. The academy promotes a level of learning that’s unmatched in Indiana.”

Indiana Academy senior Mohamed Abedelmalik, 17, Indianapolis also made the trip to the Statehouse to represent his school.