Topic: Student Affairs

September 19, 2008

Despite recent survey results forecasting a decline in on-campus career recruitment, Ball State's Career Center experienced an increase in employer participation this fall.

More than 140 employers participated in this year's Fall Career Fair Sept. 17 in Worthen Arena, up 75 percent from 80 participants last year.

Research by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) indicates that nine out of 10 career centers responding to its survey expected to see the same number or more employers recruiting on campus in the 2007 fall season. This year, however, just over half expect to see the same number or more employers.

Mollie Fout, director of Ball State's Career Center, believes it's the well-built reputation of a Ball State education, including bright, creative and well-prepared students that continually attract employers to seek out future employees.

"In a time when employer involvement is supposed to be dropping off, we're increasing our participation by more than 75 percent, including 23 employers who will be visiting the campus for the first time," Fout said. "This is a clear indication that our students and recent graduates are receiving the necessary education and professional skills developed through immersive learning opportunities that give them an edge in the job market."